Cover Letters

A cover letter is different than the resume.  Your resume is a list of data and concrete information. Your cover letter allows you to integrate, synthesize, and energize your application.  It can go beyond what is on the resume and showcase your writing ability. Warning: Not all jobs require you to submit a cover letter.

Use a traditional business letter format and heading/font/layout that matches your resume.
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Cover Letter FAQ's

What's the purpose?

  1. To showcase your writing skills.
  2. To inform the employer what position you are apply for with your application materials.
  3. To expand on specific examples of your experience that matches what the position description.
  4. To show your interest in the company.

What questions should I answer?

  1. To whom am I writing?
  2. What action am I hoping they take?
  3. How do my skills fit & support the position/company?
  4. What skills should I include/exclude?
  5. Why do I want to work here?
  6. How can I convey my knowledge & understanding of the position?
  7. How am I connected geographically or personally?
  8. What else does this person need to know about me?

Cover Letter Tips:

  1. Address your letter to someone. NEVER: To whom it may concern.
  2. Note how you found out about the opening.
  3. Reference your connection (if you have one name drop).
  4. State the position you are seeking.
  5. Show you did research on the company.
  6. Focus on the employer’s needs not yours.
  7. Speak positively and honestly.
  8. One page only.
  9. Proof read!