Student accommodations at FLC

To request accommodations, sign in to the DS student portal with your FLC log-in. The classes you’ve registered for will display. Check the box(es) of the class(es) for which you’d like to request accommodations. Just follow the instructions from there.

You’ll repeat this process at the start of each semester since your classes and instructors will change.

Log in to DS portal

Letter of Accommodations

Your request for accommodations will include documentation of your disability. When we receive this, we will work with you to determine the accommodations you are eligible for while attending FLC. You'll send the Letter of Accommodations from the DS student portal to your instructors to apprise them of your accommodations. The letter does not disclose details of your disability.

Transition from high school or another college (IEP/504)

If you had an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or accommodations provided under Section 504 in high school, this can be helpful in providing guidance to the services and accommodations we provide, but it does not necessarily mean that services in college will be the same. Similarly, if you are transferring from another college or university where you received services, they will not automatically transfer here. We will work with you to determine the accommodations we can provide in your time at FLC.

Service and emotional support animals

If a Service Animal will accompany you on campus, we recommend you contact Disability Services to assist in your animal’s transition. If you are living in campus housing, you will need to register your service animal with our office.

If you are interested in applying for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) while attending Fort Lewis, you will need documentation from a licensed mental health provider. Please contact our office to schedule a meeting with one our staff members for assistance.