This section is for students who have registered with Disability Services. Visit New Students if you have not registered with us, or Prospective Students if you are considering applying to Fort Lewis College.

Welcome Back! We’re glad you are continuing to collaborate with Disability Services. Please take the following steps in order to ensure your Letter of Accommodation is updated for the semester and delivered to your new professors:

  • Make sure your contact information is updated in WebOpus.  
  • If there are no changes to your Letters of Accommodation from last semester, use the online request system to customize your letters for each class. If you need assistance with requesting your letters online, email, call (970) 247-7383, or stop by 280 Noble Hall.
  • If you are interested in updating your Letter of Accommodation (adding, changing, or removing accommodations) please make an appointment with a Disability Services staff member. 
  • Discuss your Letter of Accommodation with each of your instructors, even if the letters were sent electronically.