For some issues you'll need to make an appointment with your advising team, but other times you can simply come by the office for support.

Make an Appointment

  • Choose a full load of classes for a semester
  • Create a degree map
  • Make scholarship appeals
  • Choose or change your major when you're still deciding between multiple options
  • Get Achievement Coaching while on probation or academic warning

Make an appointment

Come by for a Walk-In

  • Add/drop a single class from the current term
  • Change your major or minor if you already know what you want to change to
  • Change classes for next term
  • Discuss a Course Withdraw, Administrative Withdraw, or Semester Withdraw (might need full appointment depending on circumstances)
  • Check to make sure you're on track to graduate
  • Ask questions about transfer credits

Hours for Walk-In Advising

A walk-in advisor from each advising area (Arts & Humanities, Education & Business, and STEM & Health) is available for walk-ins. Not all topics are suitable for walk-in advising, and you may be asked to make an appointment depending on what you would like to discuss.

Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
300 Berndt Hall

Note: Please arrive by 3:30 for walk-in sessions.