Registering for classes can be exciting. And it can be overwhelming. Either way, make an appointment with your advising team to make it easier. If you're feeling bold and want to plan out your courses on your own, check out these tips from the Student Success & Advising office.

Before you register

You will be notified by email if you are required to meet with an advisor before registering. Otherwise, making an advising appointment is optional. Your advising team can help you identify which classes will meet your liberal arts core and your major requirements.


Learn more about account holds (which will prevent you from being able to register) on the Registrar's site, or check any holds on your account in TheFort. Search “view holds” to check.


Register for classes using our online tool, WebOPUS. Login with your FLC account info, and search for classes. Since classes often have more than one section, each section has a Course Registration Number (CRN). You'll use the CRN to register for the specific section of the class you want.

You can register from within the search screen in WebOPUS by clicking the checkbox on the left, and there are additional instructions on that screen to help you. However, it can be helpful to plan out all of your class sections in advance to ensure that there are no timing conflicts. Read our Registration Pro Tips to help make the experience as easy as possible.

Wait List

If a class you’re registering for is full, you have the option to put your name on a wait list so you can fill an open spot if a registered student drops the class.

  • Check your FLC email daily to find out if a spot has opened for you in the class
  • Attend the class while you are on the waiting list so you don’t get behind
  • During the second week of classes, pick up an Add Slip from the Registrar’s office for the professor to sign should they accept you into the class