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Undergraduate majors and programs

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The Accounting program prepares you for the CPA exam and careers in the public and private sectors. By graduation you will also have the academic foundation to pursue graduate study.

Adventure Education

You will learn how to use and lead human-powered outdoor pursuits to promote a sustainable environment and inspire positive change in individuals and organizations.


You will conduct actual research and apply anthropological principles to contemporary problems in laboratories, field schools, internships, research, and service learning projects.


You can participate in cutting-edge research during the school year and Summer research projects. 


You can learn in our state-of-the-art laboratories and through field-study courses, making real and meaningful contributions through real-world research.

Borders & Languages

Borders and Languages approaches the study of language in its cultural context. The major offers the possibility to achieve proficiency in the target language while also acquiring the knowledge to help us, as global citizens, negotiate the social problems associated with borders. At present, the...

Business Administration

In our AACSB-accredited program, you'll develop a well-balanced understanding of the social, legal, and economic aspects of business. We have numerous concentrations within the major, with opportunities to study abroad and participate in community service projects.


Acquire modern skills and knowledge in our ACS-accredited Chemistry program. Our quality program and undergraduate research opportunities will prepare you for a variety of careers as well as graduate school.

Communication Design

This unique program incorporates graphic design, web design, and mobile app development to give you the tools to succeed in a wide variety of career fields. We’ll help you develop a solid portfolio to jumpstart your career.  

Computer Engineering

In this new program, you’ll work in a team environment to integrate software and hardware into robots, guidance systems, and real-time telemetry. We will work with you to find summer internships to build your knowledge and resume.

Computer Information Systems

Beginning Fall 2019 - Nothing is certain in this world but death and taxes... except maybe our increasing use of computers and data. All organizations in the industrialized world rely upon computer-based information systems to help them efficiently accomplish their goals and objectives.

Criminology & Justice Studies

Our major in Criminology & Justice Studies offers you a chance to explore the ways we manage harm and healing in our society. You’ll look at justice from the roots of its conceptualization to the methods of its maintenance. You’ll be able to explore questions of ethics, social...

Digital Marketing Certificate

In today’s marketplace, many of the tools needed for a successful marketing campaign are already at your fingertips. Figuring out how to use them and making sense of the data, though, is a different story. Our Digital Marketing Certificate is designed to elevate your existing knowledge and...

Early Childhood Education

This program will build your proficiency in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science content. You will get hands-on experience in teaching preschool through 3rd grade students. By graduation you will be ready to earn your teaching license.


Our AACSB-accredited program will develop your understanding of the economic principles underlying the business world and the national and global economies. You can study international business abroad and intern with real companies.

Educational Studies

You can work with youth programs at all age levels, explore the cultural aspects of youth and schools, and you’ll hone your use of developmentally appropriate activities.

Elementary Education

Our program will build your proficiency in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science content preparation. You will get hands-on experience teaching students in kindergarten through 6th grades. Upon graduation you can obtain your teaching license and start your career.


Our unique and accredited program is designed to produce creative engineers who are prepared for a wide variety of career fields. You’ll also be able to study and conduct research in our new building with state-of-the labs and equipment.


To study literature is to embark on a journey through the human experience. In small, intimate classes you’ll explore the essence of humanity through the lives, hearts, and minds of the great writers of the English world. On this journey, you’ll learn about the times in which those...

Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Beginning Fall 2019 - Inspired by the spirit of the wild west, informed by best practices in business management, you’ll learn to successfully bring your business ideas into the world.

Environmental Science

Our Environmental Science major combines courses from geology, biology, chemistry and physics to immerse students in interdisciplinary approaches to scientific understanding of our environment. The complexity of questions around climate change, water quality, resource extraction, energy and food...

Environmental Studies

Our program takes advantage of our location. The campus is surrounded by deserts, farmland, canyon lands, and mountains, the ideal place to study energy production, farming, water conservation, natural resource management, land use, and more.  

Exercise and Health Promotion Major

Our program is rooted in hands-on experience, which includes building fitness programs for actual clients and a field internship. By your senior year, you’ll have the option to sit for the National Council on Strength and Fitness Certification exam.

Exercise Physiology

Our program gives you the opportunity to develop personalized exercises for actual people, conduct your own research, and intern for local or regional businesses. By graduation, you can take the American Society of Exercise Physiology certification exam.

Gender and Sexuality Studies

This diverse program gives you the opportunity to choose your path and focus on the areas that are most important to you. Our students have found that studying gender, sexuality, equality, and society’s class structure is a life changing experience.  


Situated between the Rocky Mountains and the desert Southwest, we are in the perfect location to study geology. Our field trips, summer field camp, and GIS Certificate option will give you the knowledge and experience to be successful.

GIS Certificate

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a digital map database and set of software programs that include an integrated set of tools for storing, querying, analyzing, and displaying georeferenced information. GIS merges theoretical and practical aspects of spatial analysis across many different...


Our students have many course options and the flexibility to choose the areas of study they are most interested in. You will conduct original research and can intern at a variety of libraries, museums, and businesses.

Journalism & Multimedia Studies

We live in times when we’re flooded with information through a variety of media, from print journalism to televised and radio news sources, to crowd-sourced accounts of historic events distributed globally in blogs and social media channels. These are the ways we tell the story of our...


At FLC you will complete market analyses for real companies, conduct research on the local and regional economies, and have the option to study abroad. By graduation, you will have the skills you need to start your career or move on to graduate school.


Our department isn't just about solving problems -- it's about asking questions. Together we find both the why and how of math. You will get an individualized education from our expert faculty and graduate ready for a variety of careers or graduate school.


As a music student you can focus on business, music education, or performance. Our NASM-accredited program includes opportunities to perform in our 600-seat Community Concert Hall and study with guest artists from around the country.

Native American & Indigenous Studies

You will study how historic and contemporary U.S. policies shape and impact tribal sovereignty, governance, and the ability to self-govern. Students go on to work in tribal government, health care, education, business, and environmental sustainability.


Our program is perfect for students who want to pursue graduate work in the humanities, a law degree, or an MBA. We also offer amazing summer travel programs. Past trips have included Costa Rica, Greece, and France.


In our program, you will conduct research and design projects in a team environment with other scientists and engineers. We will also help you enhance your resume with summer employment or internships, or by working abroad in our Village Aid Project.

Political Science

You can personalized your learning by conducting research on issues that are important to you. You’ll learn about policies that are unique to the West. And, you can intern in local legal offices or at the State Capitol.

Pre-Health Certificate

The field of healthcare is wide-ranging, and this one-year certificate program is designed to assist students in navigating the many options available beyond becoming a doctor or nurse. It focuses on social and cultural factors involved in patient care, such as poverty and access to services, as...


As a Psychology major, you will conduct research on real-life phenomena and can present your findings at conferences. We also offer a summer field school, and you can kick-start your post-graduate work with our Four Corners Master of Social Work program.

Public Health

Public Health majors promote healthy communities. You’ll study how choice, genetics, and the environment impact the health of real families and individuals. You’ll blend skills from medicine, biology, communications, and other fields. You’ll evaluate genuine ethical concerns....

Sociology & Human Services

As a Sociology & Human Services student, you’ll explore the complexities of our contemporary, multicultural society through a lens of social and ecological justice, and social activism. Through courses such as Theories of Social and Personal Life, Social Issues – Native Society,...


In addition to studying Hispanic cultures and civilizations, Chicano and Spanish literature, and international history, you will have the opportunity to study abroad and participate in El Centro de Muchos Colores and the Spanish Language Club.  

Sport Administration

You can study the business side of sports and be a part of a career field that has exploded over the past twenty years. Our program includes two field experiences that will give you the professional training you need to be successful.

Studio Art

Our Studio Art program helps you create original ideas and translate those ideas into physical forms. We will help build your knowledge and portfolio so that by graduation you will be ready for graduate programs, residencies, and employers.


While in the Theatre program you can participate in numerous productions and learn about all aspects of theatre, including acting, directing, writing, designing, and building. We’ll help you build a portfolio that can set you up for a career or graduate school.


Studying writing at FLC leads you along a path of discovery through the written word. Working closely in small classes with dedicated professors invested in your personal growth, you’ll use your critical thinking skills in thorough analysis and artful exploration.