Academics at Fort Lewis College

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Undergraduate majors and programs

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You can participate in cutting-edge research during the school year and Summer research projects. 


You can learn in our state-of-the-art laboratories and through field-study courses, making real and meaningful contributions through real-world research.


Acquire modern skills and knowledge in our ACS-accredited Chemistry program. Our quality program and undergraduate research opportunities will prepare you for a variety of careers as well as graduate school.

Early Childhood Education

This program will build your proficiency in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science content. You will get hands-on experience in teaching preschool through 3rd grade students. By graduation you will be ready to earn your teaching license.

Educational Studies

You can work with youth programs at all age levels, explore the cultural aspects of youth and schools, and you’ll hone your use of developmentally appropriate activities.

Elementary Education

Our program will build your proficiency in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science content preparation. You will get hands-on experience teaching students in kindergarten through 6th grades. Upon graduation you can obtain your teaching license and start your career.


We offer degrees in English, Journalism & Multimedia Studies, and Writing. You can enhance your learning and your resume by taking film production classes, writing for The Independent college magazine, or becoming a DJ at KDUR.

Exercise Specialist

Our program is rooted in hands-on experience, which includes building fitness programs for actual clients and a field internship. By your senior year, you’ll have the option to sit for the National Council on Strength and Fitness Certification exam.


Our students have many course options and the flexibility to choose the areas of study they are most interested in. You will conduct original research and can intern at a variety of libraries, museums, and businesses.


Our department isn't just about solving problems -- it's about asking questions. Together we find both the why and how of math. You will get an individualized education from our expert faculty and graduate ready for a variety of careers or graduate school.


As a music student you can focus on business, music education, or performance. Our NASM-accredited program includes opportunities to perform in our 600-seat Community Concert Hall and study with guest artists from around the country.


In addition to studying Hispanic cultures and civilizations, Chicano and Spanish literature, and international history, you will have the opportunity to study abroad and participate in El Centro de Muchos Colores and the Spanish Language Club.  

Studio Art

Our Studio Art program helps you create original ideas and translate those ideas into physical forms. We will help build your knowledge and portfolio so that by graduation you will be ready for graduate programs, residencies, and employers.


While in the Theatre program you can participate in numerous productions and learn about all aspects of theatre, including acting, directing, writing, designing, and building. We’ll help you build a portfolio that can set you up for a career or graduate school.