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Educational Studies majors practice their skills in local schools and in the community. You can work with youth programs at all age levels. You’ll get to explore the cultural aspects of youth and schools, and you’ll hone your use of developmentally appropriate activities. You can customize your internship in the Durango area, in your hometown, and overseas. And by graduation, you can step immediately into diverse careers as an educational professional.

Note, this program does not include a teacher licensure. If you want to become a licensed teacher please see one of our other options.


1000 hours of classroom experience with mentor teachersOpportunities

  • Field placements - You will experience a variety of school and community youth programs at various age levels, each with faculty mentoring and supervision. You can choose field placements with local after-school programs, such as the Boys & Girls Club, the Powerhouse Science Museum, the Southern Ute Cultural Museum, and the Durango Arts Center.
  • Internship options - You can complete the final semester of your customized internship locally in the Durango area, in your hometown, or in an approved overseas location. Your internship options include international schools, programs for troubled youth, teenage mentoring programs, school-based reading clubs, and cultural or arts programs.

Beyond the Degree

Once you graduate, you are qualified to work in school settings, youth-oriented programs, and overseas international schools or programs.

Earning this degree also leads to careers in such fields as:

  • After-school programming
  • Curriculum development
  • Museum programming
  • School counseling
  • Special education
  • Student support services
  • Tutoring programming
  • Youth-oriented programming

For any career, this degree establishes that you can plan activities and assessments, critically evaluate content, analyze different learning styles, develop teaching strategies, work with children, and understand the cultural aspects of youth, schools, and communities.

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