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Engineering majors design, build, and test. You’ll team with other engineers and scientists to address actual problems. Your design products will interact with our world—and you’ll engage with the cultural and social contexts for the issues you’re tackling. You’ll learn the flexibility to incorporate new tools and understandings in electrical devices, structures, thermodynamics, project management, fluid mechanics, controls, and engineering design. And by graduation, you’ll have the practical skills, real-world experience, and global awareness to adapt to our ever-evolving technological world.



  • Design sequence - From your sophomore year through your senior year, you will work in design groups of four to eight students. These teams of engineers and scientists make actual physical design products, instead of only doing paper studies. Design projects have included creating robotic underwater vehicles, designing an on-campus composting facility, and building a solar tracker without motors.
  • Summer employment or internships - We will assist you in obtaining paid summer employment or internships with relevant employers, because we agree on the importance of real-world engineering experience as part of your FLC studies.
  • Village Aid Project – This program gives you the opportunity to work on engineering-related projects in the developing world that emphasize appropriate technology and sustainability. You’ll study, organize, design, and assist in the construction of water and sanitation systems, and other types of projects that improve the quality of life in poor communities around the world.
  • Faculty - Every course you take through the Engineering program will be taught by a faculty member with a Ph.D. and, frequently, years of teaching and industrial experience. One-on-one and small group attention is the norm in our program.

Beyond the Degree

Once you graduate, you are qualified for any related graduate program or working in all major sectors: 

  • Industry
  • Government
  • Consulting
  • Education

This program also prepares you for success in any field by developing not just your math and science aptitude, but also your communication, teamwork, and creative problem-solving skills. It also prepares you to tackle a range of projects from design to completion.



Our Physics & Engineering graduates are working with these organizations:

  • Ball Aerospace
  • Bechtolt Engineering
  • Forerunner Engineering
  • Goff Engineering
  • Harris Engineering
  • IBM Research Labs
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Rainbow Research Optics
  • Raytheon Missile Systems
  • Reynolds & Associates
  • Russell Planning & Engineering
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Navy

Our Physics & Engineering graduates have attended these graduate schools:

  • Colorado State University
  • University of Colorado-Boulder
  • University of Dayton
  • University of Kansas
  • University of New Mexico


“The Physics & Engineering Department helped shape me into who I am today, and for that I will be forever grateful. Not only did they provide me with an extraordinary amount of knowledge, they also provided me with the confidence I needed to obtain my goals.”

- Jane Fleming (Engineering, ’14)

“The FLC Department of Physics & Engineering has dedicated and experienced faculty who not only offer a rock-solid foundation through their coursework, but also continuously create positive growth. This department is a limitless opportunity for those wishing to advance their technical knowledge and skills.”

- Brandon Halley (Engineering, ’13)

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