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History majors at FLC get active with their craft. You’ll weave different disciplines and data sources into rich narratives. You’ll analyze class, race, gender, and sexuality. You can delve into your own cultural roots and forge perspectives on cultural spectrums. You’ll get to conduct original research and present your findings. And by graduation, you’ll have the communication skills that meet human-driven challenges in diverse career fields.



  • Design your degree – Our students essentially design their own degree emphasis. Our diverse range of courses allow you to focus on such specializations as U.S. history, European history, world history, ancient history, medieval history, modern history, and public history.
  • Internships - Our majors have several internship opportunities where they can apply their skills in real-world institutions. Students’ past internships include:
    • U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service: Interns worked as guides in various museums, as well as digitizing archives.
    • The Delaney Research Library, Center of Southwest Studies: Interns helped with digitizing various collections, exhibit installation, and contacting donors about collections.
    • The Animas Museum: Interns worked with collection management, exhibit work, and research on inventory, as well as writing interpretive display panels.
    • The Strater Hotel: Interns assisted with creating a tour of the historic hotel. Future plans for interns include organizing and documenting a new collection of artifacts.
    • Maynes, Bradford, Shipps, and Sheftel, LLP: An intern archived old files, digitized them, and constructed a database for a legal firm.

Beyond the Degree

Once you graduate, you are qualified for any related graduate program. Earning this degree also leads to careers in such fields as:

  • Education
  • Foreign diplomacy & international affairs
  • Historical research
  • Human resources
  • Investigative journalism
  • Law
  • Library science & archive management
  • Museum curation
  • Politics
  • Public policy & administration
  • Social work

For any career, this degree establishes your critical thinking, researching, and writing abilities. You will gain demonstrable analytical skills in collecting data, assessing evidence, interpreting conflicting information, crafting arguments, and honing perspectives. You will be able to apply the tools, methods, and knowledge from the History program to any area concerned with human-driven challenges and solutions.



“In 2014 I moved to Denver to pursue a double master's degree from the University of Denver in Library Science and Curriculum & Instruction. I am also serving as the parliamentarian for the Colorado Association of Libraries board, thanks to my experience as a court justice with ASFLC at Fort Lewis. My experiences taking advantage of study abroad and innovative months while at Fort Lewis had an immense impact on igniting my obsession with travel and endless curiosity about the world.”

- Melissa McConnell (History, ’09)

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