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Mathematics majors deal in curiosity. You’ll get to apply algebraic, geometric, and computational methods in both abstract and applied settings. You’ll hone your logic and number skills on complex numerical, quantitative, and statistical problems. You can learn how asking questions takes you further than just finding the answer. And by graduation, you’ll gain fluency in both the why and the how of math.


Beyond the Degree

Once you graduate, you are qualified to apply to any related graduate program. Earning this degree also leads to careers in such fields as:

  • Accounting
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Business analysis
  • Cartography
  • Computer science
  • Education
  • Financial planning
  • Investment banking
  • Meteorology
  • Statistics

For any career, this degree establishes your critical thinking and problem solving abilities. It shows that you can produce and deliver effective written and oral communications of complex ideas, and that you can apply mathematical principles to both abstract and applied settings. You will be able to apply the tools, methods, and knowledge from the Mathematics program to any area that requires logical approaches and numerical proficiency.



“The math department at FLC offered me great opportunities and exciting learning experiences. My professors challenged and supported me and pointed me towards opportunities to broaden my learning outside the classroom. And since the classes were small, my peers and I developed strong connections and helped each other throughout the four years.”

Sarah Terrill, Class of 2012

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