Jacob MontoyaJacob Montoya

While at Fort Lewis, Jacob's research interests included metabolism, performance, and rehabilitation. His research invstigated the effects of heart rate variability on lactate production and consumption. Jacob is attending Eastern Michigan University in the Master's Program in Prosthetics and Orthotics.




Serena ManchaSerena Mancha - General Biology

Serena graduated spring 2014 with a B.S in general biology major with a minor in chemistry. Her MARC mentor was Dr. David Blake, and they investigated anti- herpes simplex virus 3 (HSV3) affects of sattabacin. The research showed that sattabacin inhibited HSV3 growth in human fibroblast cells. Cytotoxic properties and gene function alterations in human fibriblast cells after exposure to sattabacin were also investigated. The results of this research were presented at the SACNAS 2012 National Conference in Seattle, WA. Serena has been accepted into the Colorado State University DVM program.  She plans to apply to a combined DVM/PhD program.

Pariss TrujilloPariss Trujillo - Biochemistry

Pariss will graduate with a degree in biochemistry December 2014 and was mentored by Dr. Les Sommerville.  Her research is studying the metabolic pathway of Acidobacterium Capsulatum. It is lacking a key enzyme in glycolysis called aldolase. The goal is to try to identify all the enzymes it uses during consumption of glucose during glycolysis. In addition, they are trying to find all the key metabolites which will help in completing the metabolic map for this bacteria. Future research will involve lysing methods in order to break open Acidobacteria Capsulatum cells for analysis through H1 and C13 NMR. 

Kristina Bell -Psychology

Kristina Bell worked with mentor Dr. Sharon Sears. She graduated with a BA in Psychology May 2014. The primary project Kristina and Dr. Sears have been working on has been the examination of student’s stress response to test taking by way of physiological changes (i.e., cortisol levels) and the use of guided imagery as a way of reducing the body’s stress response. Over the past year, they studied known physiological effects of test anxiety on physiological processes and researched the effects of guided imagery on the same physiological processes.  Kristina completed a summer research program at Stanford University during the summer of 2013. She worked as a student research assistant in the Systems, Neuroscience, and Pain Laboratory (SNAPL). Kristina plans to pursue a PhD in neuropsychology.

Tracey Williams with Dr. Maureen Brandon
Tracy with the Dr. Maureen Brandon, Dean of the School of
Arts and Sciences,as she presents her poster session on
"The SOLAS Spine Surgery Registry - Minimally Invasive Surgery"

Tracey Williams

Tracey Williams is a Navajo from Keams Canyon, Ariz., who graduated with a degree in biochemistry in May 2013.  She completed a two-year internship at Spine Colorado where she monitored any of 10 surgeons there and at Durango Orthopedics. She participated with other spine clinics in establishing a database of surgery outcomes for the Society of Lateral Access Surgery. The goal was to document the effectiveness of minimally invasive surgery.



Noel AltahaNoel Altaha

Noel Altaha graduated in the spring of 2013. She is a White Mountain Apache from Whiteriver, Arizona and majored in psychology with a minor in Native American Indigenous Studies, with an interest in researching the effects of historical trauma in Native American populations. She examined the evidence and implications of historical trauma and grief in current Native Americans students at Fort Lewis College. Other areas of research included multiculturalism, prejudice/stereotyping, resilience and compassion.  Noel will begin a MSW program at Columbia University fall 2014 and plans to continue her education to obtain a PhD.


Nellie McLean (L) and Phillida Charley

Phillida Charley

Phillida Charley graduated from Fort Lewis College in April, 2012 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. She currently is attending graduate school at Colorado State University in pursuit of a PhD studying infectious diseases in the Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology program.

Nellie McLean

In April, 2012,Nellie McLean graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Fort Lewis College. She completed a 2 year post-bacc program with the National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA) program, working in Dr. Baier’s diabetes research lab, in the NIH's National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) facility in Phoenix, AZ.