Maximizing Access to Research Careers Program - About Research Mentors

MARC Research Mentors and Research Projects

A number of faculty are available to serve as MARC Research Mentors.  Faculty members work closely with MARC Scholars to develop research skills, professional skills, and provide guidance during the application process for summer research and graduate school programs.  A descriptive list of potential research projects can help you decide which MARC Research Mentor you would like to apply to work with.  If you are interested in working with a faculty member who is not listed below, please contact Dr. Les Sommerville.

MARC Research Mentors

Dr. Callie Cole (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Dr. Yiyan Li (Physics and Engineering)

Dr. Steven Fenster (Biology)

Dr. Jennifer Lowell (Biology, Public Health)

Dr. Michael Grubb (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Dr. Kenny Miller (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Dr. Jeff Jessing (Physics and Engineering)

Dr. Aimee Morris (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Dr. Caroline Kulesza (Biology)

Dr. Megan Paciaroni (Physics and Engineering)

Dr. Devin Leahy (Physics and Engineering)

Dr. Missy Thompson (Exercise Science)

Dr. Erin Lehmer (Biology)

Dr. Megan Wrona (Psychology)