Hector CalderaHector Caldera

In the future you will find me working as a researcher in the field of Medicinal Chemistry.  I am currently majoring in Biochemistry.  Dr. Kenny Miller is my MARC mentor.  Dr. Miller’s research is focused on the synthesis of the natural product Rottlerin, which is isolated from the kamala tree. Rottlerin shows biological activity as a targeted cancer treatment. The Miller research group is also interested in synthesizing natural products that have antiviral activity.  I am from Markleeville, California.  I love music, outdoors living and nerding out.

Natalie JoeNatalie Joe

My current interests involve watching a variety of films, reading novels, researching topics of interest, hiking (not intensely) and avoiding boredom.  The sullen fact is that I cannot indulge in these joys because my education has encompassed my life, as it should.  I am a double major in Biochemistry and Cellular & Molecular Biology.  After achieving these degrees, I plan on attending a graduate school in Colorado, California, New York or Massachusetts.  After working for two years, I plan to apply for a position in the FBI.  That’s the current plan and is subject to slight alterations.  I am from Red Valley, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation.  My MARC mentor is Dr. Aimee Morris and I have been working with her since the summer before my second year.  The research goal is to make cobalt(III) center complexes to be used as an anti-cancer pro-drug, using various  ligands.

Melba NjengaMelba Njenga

I'm originally from Kenya, Africa where I have lived for most of my life. I'm a double major in both political science and biology. Some of my favorite hobbies involve reading, being outdoors, and going on adventures. I'm currently a serving member I'm student senate and I will be a student ambassador starting fall of 2014. I am working on two research projects with Dr. Erin Lehmer - one involves trapping marmots and learning their behavioral patterns and the other involves discovering white nose fungus in Colorado bats. My plan for the next two years will be to continue attending the Fort as a full time student and getting my undergraduate degree. Afterwards, I'm hoping to move to Carlifornia and attend graduate school pursing my ongoing interesting in neurobiology. 

Hollie WallHollie Wall

I am majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry.  My MARC mentor is Dr. Les Sommerville.  Our research is focused on identifying and characterizing transaldolase genes in Acidobacteria capsulatum.  Ultimately, I would like a career in research.  I am transplanted from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My interests include Beekeeping Club, Women in Science Club and learning French.  When I am not in the lab, I dote on my two mini-rex bunnies Brie and Camembert and my dog Django.