Program Description

In a world where numerical proficiency is becoming ever more vital, the Fort Lewis College Mathematics Department sees itself on a tripartite quest with the overarching goal to foster critical thinking and problem solving skills in all courses and for all students.

Math for STEM Majors

  1. To provide students in STE departments with the mathematical tools needed for success in their chosen majors, thereby helping to create strong majors in all STE disciplines;
  2. To train future teachers of mathematics, thereby promoting mathematics education at the elementary and secondary school level in the Four Corners region;
  3. To prepare mathematics majors for future graduate study or technical careers, thereby advancing the study and practice of mathematics.

Liberal Arts Core Math

  1. Students will be able to apply mathematical concepts to contextual situations.
  2. Students will have the skills necessary to succeed in the quantitative components of their major.
  3. Students will be able to communicate mathematical understanding in writing.
  4. Students will be able to maintain an organized portfolio for their courses.