Professional Certificate in Spanish


The Professional Certificate in Spanish at Fort Lewis College consists of a set of academic courses that focus on a specific topic, representing a coherent and relatively freestanding body of knowledge. To earn a certificate in Spanish, a full-time, degree-candidate student not majoring in Spanish specializes in Business, Health Services, Social Services, or Translation/Interpretation and earns at least 16 credit hours in Spanish. Successful completion of these courses signifies the achievement of competence in the specified domain and is recognized by the awarding of a certificate (an official document) from the sponsoring department or program. Completion of certificate programs approved by the College will also be noted on the official student transcript.
The director of this certificate program will be Catalina Aguilar. Students admitted to the certificate program will be assigned an advisor in Spanish. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, students will be awarded a certificate and the Records Office will be notified.
Specific certificate course lists and requirements will not be listed in the College Catalogue, but the requirements are the following:
ML 215 Intermediate Spanish I 4
ML 216R Intermediate Spanish II 4
ML 319 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition 4
ML 350 Spanish for the Professions 4
Subtotal Certificate Requirements 16