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Math Online Learning Experience MOLE

What you can find on the MOLE

Tutorials: are a comprehensive range of topics designed to help STEM students refresh on math skills.

Math Tutoring Centers: Detailed information for the Math Assistance Center (MAC) and the Algebra Alcove, including the current schedule. Also available, links to other tutoring options on campus.

Is your math ready for your next STEM course?: pre-assessments to determine if a students math skills are ready for your next STEM course. They are meant to give a snap-shot of what math will be used in an upcoming class.

Statistics: a variety of resources created by the Statistics faculty to help their students through Math 201.

Math Courses for STEM Programs: a clear guide to what math courses a STEM student needs to take for their declared major.

Faculty & Advising Resources: find specific requirements for STEM majors, math course outcomes and skills needed to be successful in STEM courses.

STEM Information: Leads to the various STEM departments web pages to locate specific information.

Additional Resources: is filled with suggestions for success in college as well as calculator help and a few fun math links.