theMOLE - Math Online Learning Experience

Tools For Success in College

  1. Come to class ready to think and ask questions.
  • Don’t fall behind – math builds on prior knowledge, so if you don’t understand it one day, you are at a disadvantage the next day as well.
  1. Get in a homework habit.
  • Start the homework as soon as it is assigned. Do it with a study group. Get help when you need it.
  • Make sure you understand the whole problem and not just the final answer.
  • Slow down and be careful – algebra mistakes are often the culprit of incorrect answers.
  1. Spend time practicing.
  • Math is a skill you develop over time by working hard at it.
  1. Review the material often.
  • Our math courses cover a lot of stuff in a short time. To keep up with the work, you may need to sit down after class and go over ideas slowly and carefully.
  • Studying every few days, not just the night before an exam or when an assignment is due, will make learning much easier and less stressful.
  1. Use your textbook.
  • One great secret is to read the book before you go to class. Then you can ask about things that didn’t make sense in the book.
  • Math books are not like other books; you have to think carefully about every line, and even every picture! If you slow down, take notes, and reflect on each step, you will see that your book is a great resource.
  1. Find the reasons – don’t just memorize.
  • Math is deliberate – every rule, every step, and every formula has a reason.
  • You will quickly find that understanding the reasons is much easier than memorizing. The reasoning will stay with you much longer than facts memorized from flash cards.
  1. Never give up.
  • Math is hard, but not impossible, to learn.
  • If you want to be good at anything, you have to stick with it, even when you feel like quitting. You gain the most when you finally succeed at something after a long struggle.
  1. Use your resources. More than anything, we want to help you succeed in math. Great ways to get help are:
  • The MAC. The Math Assistance Center (Berndt 700) & Algebra Alcove  (Jones 147)  are free, drop-in services. You can come in with just a few questions, sit and work on homework with someone to help when you get stuck, or use the space to meet with your study group and have someone there to clear things up.
  • Office Hours. We’re here, we’re waiting. Please come! No appointment needed. Fun guaranteed.
  • Classmates. Doing math with a friend is fun and very, very valuable.
  1. Have fun with it.
  • You’re learning really interesting math, so try to enjoy it!