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Is Your Math Ready For Your Next STEM Course?

Use these pre-assessments to determine if your math skills are ready for your next STEM course. They are meant to give you a snap-shot of what math you will be using in an upcoming class. Everything on these pre-assessments are skills you should already know, however it may have been several semesters or years since you actually applied them.  The goal is to help you identify what math skills you need to refresh on. 

Directions for effective use:

  1. Take the pre-assessment for the course you have enrolled in.* 
  2. Grade yourself. What skills were you unclear on? What did you have the most trouble with?
  3. Check out the Tutorials on the math skills you identified in step 2. 
  4. Succeed in your next STEM course!

Unfortunately, the actual pre-assessments are still in development. Please check back later, or reference the Tutorials.

*Ideally this step should be completed before the class actually begins.