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SPSS Resources

FLC uses the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) program for data analysis. Students can typically access SPSS from any computer on-campus.

The following documents contain step-by-step directions for conducting data analyses using SPSS. Each documentation uses a specific dataset, which are also available below. You must be working on a computer with SPSS installed if you want to open the datasets.

Entering data

Frequency tables, histograms, and bar charts
[instructions] [quantitative dataset] [qualitative dataset]

Frequency tables using already grouped data
[instructions] [dataset]

Descriptive statistics
[instructions] [dataset]

One-sample t test
[instructions] [dataset]

Independent samples t test
[instructions] [dataset]

Dependent samples t test
[instructions] [dataset]

One-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
[instructions] [dataset]

Two-way ANOVA
[instructions] [dataset]

Repeated-measures ANOVA
[instructions] [dataset]

Correlation, regression, and scatterplots
[instructions] [dataset]

One- and two-variable chi-squares
[instructions] [one-variable chi-squre dataset] [two-variable chi-square dataset]

Non-parametric tests
[instructions] [Mann-Whitney dataset] [Wilcoxon dataset] [Kruskal-Wallis dataset]

Documents were created by Dr. Beverly Chew.