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Summer Math Camp 2014

Summer Bridge Math Camp for STEM Students
at Fort Lewis College, Durango Colorado

Don’t let limited math skills hold you back!

Get Help !!! Get Ready !!! Get Prepped !!!

…at Fort Lewis College
Summer Bridge Math Camp for STEM Students

The Math Camp Goal

To create the opportunity for incoming Fort Lewis College Freshman and Transfer Students to improve their Math skills and prepare for success in their college math classes and in their STEM Program.

Who’s eligible?

The Summer Bridge Math Camp is designed for incoming Freshman and Transfer Students with ACT Math scores from 19 to 27 (placed in MA 110, MA 113, or MA 121) who’ve declared a STEM Major in Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, Engineering, Physics, or Mathematics,


Nothing.  0.  Zero.  Zip.  None.  {Empty Set}. There is no Cost for the Math Camp.

The only cost to students will be food and housing during the 4-day Camp.

Students will stay in the Fort Lewis Resident Halls and have a 3 meal/day food plan.

Room: $16/day + Meals : ~$19/day = ~$35/day for 4 days =~$140

Space is limited… The camp is limited to just 50 students so sign up early.

Contact a faculty member for more information:

Pam Smith

Laura Scull

Sherri Spriggs

Program Dates:


August 2014

Direct Inquiries to:
Laura Scull
Pam Smith
Sherri Spriggs