Music Department

Music Department Admission Procedures


Admission to Fort Lewis College and to the Department of Music is a dual admission process.  While application to the college is through the Office of Admissions, formal admission to the Department of Music and its degree programs must be made through an audition admission process. You may audition prior to acceptance by the Office of Admissions, however, acceptance to the Department of Music does not guarantee admission to Fort Lewis College.

Steps to becoming a music major or minor:

1. Schedule an audition: call 970-247-7243.

2. Your audition will last about ten minutes

3. Audition Materials:

  • General:
    • Scales
    • Technical Exercises
    • Two Contrasting Solo Pieces

3. Take the Theory Placement Test. (prep resource)

4. Enroll in the following courses:

  • Applied Lessons
  • MU 128 - Theory and Musicianship I
  • A major ensemble (Band, Concert Choir, or Orchestra)

Become a Music Major:

Admission Procedures
Scholarship Opportunities

2017 Audition Dates:

  • February 3-4: Everyone
  • February 24: Vocal Only
  • March 24-25: Everyone

Audition Dates 2016-2017

Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion
February 3-4

Fort Lewis College
November 10 (Honor Choir Students ONLY)
February 25
Denver Area
February 18-19