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Music Majors

General Music Studies Option - The General Music Studies option is designed for students interested in a liberal arts education with an emphasis in music.

Music Business Option

Music Education Option - The Music Education option gives high-quality academic preparation to students who wish to become Colorado licensed K-12 music teachers. This option is extremely demanding and requires careful planning and advising. Students choosing this option should consult a Music Department advisor as early as possible in their careers and should read the section of our course catalog for the steps and requirements for applying to the Teacher Education Licensure Program and requirements for completing the program.

Music Performance Option - The Music Performance option is designed for students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to music performance and who wish to use some of their elective credits to further concentrate in this area. The performance concentrations are limited to the areas of expertise represented by the music faculty. The areas of concentration are Piano, Voice, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, and Strings. A specific instrument must be chosen from within the brass, woodwinds, and strings.

Music Minor

Music Minor

Become a Music Major:

Admission Form/Procedures to becoming a Music Major or a Music Minor at Fort Lewis College.