Music Department - Honors Orchestra Registration

Honors Orchestra Registration Information


Fee is $20 per student and includes our guest clinician, all clinics, performances, music, and lunch.

High School Students:

Please submit all information on your registration form and email to

Auditioned High School Musician

Audition Specifics:

  • Audition materials - Please use one of the following:
  • your state’s all state orchestra material
  • one major and one minor scale of your choice and a short excerpt which displays your abilities
  • Audition submission/format -
    • Use either .mp3 (preferred) or .wav format for your files
    • State the students name and school at the beginning of the recording
    • File naming - School_StudentLastName_StudentFirstName_Instrument
      (example: AnyHighSchool_Doe_John_violin)
  • Please email your submissions to

Middle School Students:

Participation in the middle school group is by director recommendation only and does not require an audition. Directors, please limit your recommendations to 25 students and please recommend a balanced group, (i.e. 12 violins, 6 violas, 6 cellos, and 3 basses; or something close to this.)

Please fill out all of the information giving careful consideration to your rankings. If you have more than 25 students and wish to rank them all please rank your top 25 balanced group students first followed by the rest. We'll contact you if we have room for more than 25 of your students but please plan on only 25.

Please submit all information on your registration form and email to

Middle School Registration Form