The Fort Lewis College Men’s Choir (MU 300) is a select group of male singers who attend Fort Lewis College.  The Men’s Choir meets as an elective class in the music curriculum.  Music majors, music minors, non-music majors, and occasionally community members are encouraged to audition.

The Men’s Choir was created in 1985 by Dr. Linda Mack Berven.  The group was originally named the “Motets.”  As part of an Early Music History course taught by Dr. Mack, some of the men enrolled in the class prepared a motet for performance (and extra credit).  Their fellow classmates roared with appreciation, and the Men’s Choir was born.  The group has since been growing in size and stature, and now regularly performs for many community and college venues.  The FLC Men’s Choir has continued the American tradition of singing men for nearly twenty-five years.

In addition to their rigorous annual performance schedule, the FLC Men’s Choir travels to area public schools to serve as positive male singing role models.  These performances are done in collaboration with the Music in the Mountains Goes to School program with the intent to recruit and retain male students in public school music classes.