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Percussion and Pan-American Ensembles Concert

The Fort Lewis College Pan-American Ensemble and the Fort Lewis College Percussion Ensembles, with special guests Ballet Folklorico de Durango

April 3 at 7pm in the Community Concert Hall:

The Pan-American ensemble, led by Dr. M. Brent Williams, will tour Latin America beginning with Argentinian tangos in three different formats; standard in 4/4 time, followed by a tango waltz in 3/4  and concluding with an up-tempo milonga in 2/4.  They’ll move to Cuba with two pieces of son cubano music taken from the original Buena Vista Social Club album. Son, meaning sound is an Afro-Cuban musical form combining elements of Cuban traditional Trova music with deep currents of African rhythms brought over by the large slave population. The group will finish their portion with a lively set of Mexican Mariachi music. Ballet Folklorico de Durango will join them for part of this set.

After a quick stage change, the percussion ensembles, under the direction of Dr. John O’Neal, will present a program composed entirely of works by currently living composers. The evening will include Evan Chapman’s Second Thoughts, which utilizes tubular pitched instruments commonly found in elementary music classes, bass drums and slats of wood.  The ensemble will also perform Dave Hall’s The Persistence of Memory, which is based on Salvador Dali’s painting of the same name.  This painting features Dali's famous "melting clocks,” and is recognized as one of the definitive works of the Surrealist Movement in art.  Additional compositions by Brian Nozny, Matt Savage and Nathan Daughtrey will also be included.  The performance will feature drums, marimbas, elementary school percussion instruments, hissing and shouting - this is definitely a concert you will not want to miss!

Small Ensembles - Wednesday, April 12 @ 7:00pm in Roshong Recital Hall - Free admission

Jazz Band and Concert Band concert

The Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Dr. John O’Neal, will open the concert with a varied program, including Sammy Nestico’s Basie Straight Ahead and John LaBarbera’s hard rocking Sassy Strut.  Also featured will be brand new compositions from one of our nation’s premiere military jazz ensembles, The Jazz Ambassadors of the United States Army.  Several works from their “Perspectives” initiative will be presented, including Vince Norman’s A New Standard and his tribute to cartoonist Charles Schulz, Goodbye Mr. Schulz.

The Symphonic Band, Dr. Mark Walters, director will perform some wonderful original band works along with an exquisite orchestral transcription. They’ll begin with Richard Saucedo’s light overture Whirlwinds followed by Frank Ticheli’s moving work Sanctuary featuring horn, clarinet, and flute solos. Ticheli uses the word sanctuary to describe a place of solitude, comfort, rest, prayer, and meditation but also suggest that it can be a place this is strong and imposing. Percy Grainger’s Children’s March is hardly a march in the traditional sense. Based on a very childlike melody, “Over the Hills and Far Away”, Grainger transforms this melody through many stages of this complex work. The transformations eventually become so abstract that the listener will begin to forget the simple origins of this simple melody. Fortunately, Grainger brings us back to conclude the work as simply as it begins.

American composer, Julie Giroux takes us to the edges of humanity in the powerful 2011 composition, K2. “The Savage Mountain”. Full of themes intended to depict images such as wind, blowing snow, hammering of ice screws and death, this is a work that is highly programmatic and will bring the listener to the edge of their seats.

Dmitri Shostakovich’s Waltz #2 is an orchestral transcription that has found its way into American pop culture in countless movie scores and television commercials. Immediately recognizable, it displays Shostaskovich’s ability to combine the sublimely melancholy melody that at times becomes joyously ceremonial.

The symphonic band will conclude the evening’s program with an original classic for band, Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo by Malcolm Arnold. This suite again features soloist throughout the ensemble and ends with a rousing high-tempo Rondo movement.

Student Degree Recitals (Free admission)

Rachel Moore, Piano, Junior Recital, Thursday, April 13 at 5:30pm in Roshong Recital Hall
Jimmie Noel, Guitar, Senior Recital, Friday, April 21 at  7:00pm in Roshong Recital Hall
Shishan Wong, Flute, Senior Recital, Sunday, April 23 at  3:00pm in Roshong Recital Hall

Midday Music Student Recital

Tuesday, April 18 @ 1:00pm

Roshong Recital Hall - Free Admission



List View:

March 14    Ethan Eisemann, Baritone, Junior Recital, RRH, 7PM, FREE
March 17    Graci Clark, Soprano, Senior Recital, at IAMMUSIC, 6PM, FREE
March 19    Derek Zuniga, Tenor, Senior Recital, RRH, 1PM, FREE
March 24-26, 29-31, April 1 ~ Pirates of Penzance
March 24    Hannah Howard, Violin, Senior Recital, RRH, 7PM, FREE (tentative)
March 26    Noah Walker, Percussion, Senior Recital, RRH, 3PM, FREE
March 27    J.C. Noel, Guitar, Senior Recital, RRH, 7PM, FREE
March 28    Midday Music - Student Recital, RRH, 1PM, FREE
March 31 Andy Barrish, Bassoon, Senior Recital, RRH, 7PM
April 3    Percussion Ensembles/Pan-American Ensemble, CCH, 7PM, $5/$1
April 8-9 SJS Concerts
April 12    Small Ensembles, RRH, 7PM, FREE
April 13    Rachel Moore, Piano, Junior Recital, RRH, 7PM, FREE
April 14    Spring Band/Jazz Concert, CCH, 7PM, $5/$1
April 17    San Juan Symphony Youth Orchestras, CCH, 7PM, $5/1
April 18    Midday Music - Student Recital, RRH, 1PM, FREE
April 20    FLC Choirs Concert, CCH, 7PM, $5/$1
April 21    3rd Avenue Arts recital series: Kerry Ginger/Erik Gustafson/Scott Hagler; 7PM, St. Mark’s Church (see for ticket information.)
April 23    Shishan Wong, Flute, Senior Recital, RRH, 7PM, FREE

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