Program Mission and Goals

The Fort Lewis College Department of Music is committed to the philosophy that the arts enrich both the human mind and spirit, and its faculty is dedicated to fostering artistic and intellectual development throughout the campus and surrounding communities.

Through programs that both challenge and nurture, the department attempts to meet the following goals:

  • To provide an opportunity for all the students of this liberal arts institution to develop a better understanding of the musical arts.
  • To provide training in music leading to its associate careers.
  • To provide artistic leadership and musical performances for the enrichment of the cultural aspects of the college and community.

The Music Department has also established the following objectives:

  • in General Education, the music department should serve a large portion of the student population both in courses which require previous musical experience and in courses designed for the neophyte.
  • graduating seniors with majors in music should: demonstrate an understanding of the formal, harmonic, and melodic structure of standard musical literature
  • demonstrate performance competency in at least one area of applied music
  • demonstrate practical knowledge of keyboard skills
  • demonstrate an understanding of music in its historical context
  • where applicable (music education option), meet qualification requirements for certification by the Colorado State Department of Education.
  • musical performances should offer a wide variety of literature and styles in live concerts by both student and professional musicians. The college and community should both be actively involved in these programs.

College-Wide Goals that the Music Department’s Goals Address:

  • Goals 1 and 3 and objectives 1, 2a, and 2d correspond to the college-wide goal, “Learning as Inquiry”.
  • Goal w and objectives 2b, 2c, 2e, and 3 correspond to the college-wide goal, “Responsible Action”.


Become a Music Major at
Fort Lewis College:

1. Schedule an appointment - call 970-247-7243.
2. Prepare the following for your audition:

  • Scales
  • Technical Exercises
  • Two Contrasting Solo Pieces

Note: for Percussion Audition Requirements click here.

3. Take the Theory Placement Test.
4. Enroll in the following courses:

  • Applied Lessons
  • MU128 - Theory and Musicianship I
  • A major ensemble (Band, Concert Choir, Orchestra

Become a Music Major:

Admission Form/Procedures to becoming a Music Major or a Music Minor at Fort Lewis College.