Native American Center

Native American Clubs/Organizations

Wanbli Ota

President:  Kaylyn LeClaire  (KHLECLAIRE@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Vice President:   Cherella Hughes  (CPHUGHES@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Secretary:  Chris Begay (CJBEGAY@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Treasurer:  Nakoma Goins (NRGOINS@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Student Representative to ASFLC:  Damon White Thunder (DRWHITETHUNDER@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Student Representatives for Wanbli Ota and FLC:

AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society)

President:  Luke Hullinger  (LHULLINGER@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Vice President:  Deidra Succo (DESUCCO@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Secretary:  Talavai Denepah-Cook (TLDENIPAHCOOK@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Treasurer:  Justin Succo (JBSUINA@FORTLEWIS.EDU)

AIBL (American Indian Business Leaders)

President: Jason Hoskins ) JEHOSKINS@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Vice President: Tyrone Deel  (TLDEEL@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Secretary:  Tinia Witherspoon (TWITHERSPOON@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Treasurer:  Taylor Begay  (TLBEGAY@FORTLEWIS.EDU)

Pejuta Tipi Society

President:  Camille Keith (CRKEITH@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Vice President:  Marquel Begay ( MABEGAY@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Secretary:  Casey Long  (CKLONG@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Treasurer:  Verna Yazzie  (VAYAZZIE@FORTLEWIS.EDU)

Native American Honor Society

President:  Natalie Joe  (NSJOE@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Vice President:  TJ Trump (TKTRUMP@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Secretary:  Dominique Wilson (DYWILSON1@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Treasurer:  Kelly Dan  (KADAN@FORTLEWIS.EDU)

Native Intervarsity Campus Ministries

President:  Cortland Hopkins (CRHOPKINS@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Vice President:  Shane Largo (SBLARGO@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Secretary:  Rashawn Ramone RARAMONE@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Treasurer:  Kelly McCabe (KMMCCABE@FORTLEWIS.EDU)

Dine Club

Peace Chief:  Olivia Duncan (OMDUNCAN@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
War Chief:  Kevin Belin (KRBELIN@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Peace Captain: Lorraine Shelly- Becenti  (LSHELLYBECENTI@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
War Captain:  Shawn Rico (SDRICO@FORTLEWIS.EDU)

Buffalo Council

President:  Patrick Burtt  (PLBURTT@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Vice President:  Brandon Jesus
Secretary:  Albert Piper
Treasurer:  Amoretta Pringle

Pueblo Alliance

President: Mariah Gachupin (MMGACHUPIN@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Vice President:  Talavi Denepah-Cook (TLDENIPAHCOOK@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Secretary:  Marcus Martinez  (MTMARTINEZ@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Treasurer:  Justice Suina (JBSUINA@FORTLEWIS.EDU)


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