Native American Center

Clubs and Organizations

American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL)

The mission of AIBL is to increase the representation of American Indians and Alaska Natives in business and entrepreneurial ventures through education and leadership development opportunities.

Vision: AIBL’s vision over the next decade is to become the pre-eminent national non-profit organization serving American Indians and Alaska Natives by providing business and entrepreneurship education, leadership development training, and the necessary support to help young men and women who aspire to pursue studies and careers in business, entrepreneurship, or related disciplines.

AIBL Traditions:

  • Provides business and educational opportunities
  • Gain business knowledge
  • Gain practical experiences
  • Foster entrepreneurial spirit

President: Joshua Emerson
Advisor: Elaine J. Labach

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

The FLC AISES organization is a diverse group of individuals whose purpose is to promote Native Americans in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields, and  to provide networking opportunities at National and Regional AISES Conferences.

President: Jeremy James
Advisor: Les Sommerville

Diné Club

The Diné Club is a group open to all students seeking enrichment in Diné culture and language. The club seeks to expand Diné cultural exposure on campus through both cultural and language revitalization. The club offers insight into Diné vocabulary, Diné history, kinship, government, etc., through a harmonious approach of relearning and sharing Diné philosophy and cultural practices.

Primary Goals: The primary goals of the Diné Club are to achieve greater understanding of the Diné cultural outlook and values through re-teaching or maintaining the Diné language; actively participating and practicing in cultural events, histories, and stories; and incorporating the Fort Lewis students, staff, and faculty.

Events/Activities: Shoe Game- Elementary and Community Presentations, Hiking up the Northern Sacred Mountain (Mt. Hesperus), Exploring Navajo Cuisine, Having presentations on Traditional and Modern systems of governance, Pursuing Navajo arts and social teachings, and workshops in Diné philosophy and cultural teachings. Also possible guest speakers and artists.

Diné Club Officers:
Alaaji’ Hozh’ooji’ Naat’aanii (Peace Leader) – Willson Atene
Alaaji’ Haskeji’ Naat’aanii (War Leader) - Shawn Rico
Hozh’ooji’ Naat’aanii (War Lieutenant) – Olivia Duncan
Haskeji’ Naat’aanii (Peace Lieutenant) – Larraine Shelly-Becenti

Advisor: Dr. Majel Boxer

You can find us on Facebook at: Fort Lewis Diné Club

Indigenous Feminism Rising (IFR)

Our objective is to create a space for equity and unity in Indigenous Feminism. We are advocates of Indigenous women and Indigenous gays, lesbians, trans, and the two spirited through identity development, and cultural and spiritual support.
We meet once a week on Wednesdays at 6pm in the Rio Grande Conference room

Advisor: Frances K. Holmes

You can find us on Facebook at: Indigenous Feminism Rising


Native American Outdoors Club

The NAOC is enthusiastic about providing educational outdoor adventure opportunities to the Native and non-Native student population of Fort Lewis College. Through adventure activities, the NAOC strives to influence cross-cultural teachings while providing opportunities for students to become proficient in activity specific skills.

President: KeNeda Randall
Advisor: Joey Dell

Native InterVarsity

We offer a place where students can find friends, hope, and transformation in Jesus Christ. We believe that culture and tradition are gifts from the creator God, who calls us to worship and follow his son in ways that are true to who he made us to be. We meet Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. at the chapel for worship and afterwards host a bible study on campus. And we get together for Family Dinner every Friday at 6:00 p.m. in the NAC. Food, friends, fun!

President: Kelly McCabe
Advisor: Justin McBrayer

Pejuta Tipi Society (PTS)

Pejuta Tipi Society (PTS) is a Native American Church organization at Fort Lewis College. PTS provides spiritual assistance and support for the education and well-being of both native and non-native students at FLC. Each year we host two prayer services.

President: Ivana Holiday
Advisor: Joey Dell

Pueblo Alliance

Pueblo Alliance is an RSO dedicated to Pueblo students and other students here on campus. It is a way to connect to the culture Pueblo People are still very much involved in. However, not all people know of the culture and this RSO is designed to educate the people around us who may be interested in the culture and history.

President: Coltyn Ansara
Advisor: Gabrielle Allan

You can find us on Facebook at: Pueblo Alliance

Wanbli Ota

Wanbli Ota means Many Eagles in the Lakota language. We are a student-run, non-profit organization at Fort Lewis College. Our goal is to promote cultural diversity on campus as well as in our surrounding communities. Our events happen throughout the school year. Anyone is welcome to join Wanbli Ota! We look forward to meeting you!

President: Alyssa Tapaha
Advisor: Liz Bahe

Student Representatives:

  • Miss Hozhoni 2017-2018, Natalia Sells (Navajo)
  • First Attendant 2017-2018, Jocelyn Frank (Navajo)