Native American Center

Pejuta Tipi Society

The Pejuta Tipi Society (PTS) began through the prayers of American Indian Students to bring a sense of spiritual security, home, and comfort through annual peyote ceremonies spored by the PTS, for American Indian Students with support form the Ute Mountain tribal community, the Native American Center and Fort Lewis College.

Our mission is to foster the knowledge and teachings of the traditional use of Peyote as a divine herb. In connection with the bona fide Native American Church/Azee' Bee Nahagha ceremony in accordance with the teachings of our elders with the guidance of traditional medicine men/women for future generations.

Our Officers:

President: Camille Keith (Email)
Vice President: Marquel Begay ( Email)
Secretary: Casey Long (Email)
Treasurer: Verna Yazzie (Email)