Native American Center

Learning Outcomes

  • Through attending NAC social events, students will broaden their social network and increase their sense of inclusion in the FLC community.
  • Through attending cultural events on campus, students will gain informed knowledge about different Native cultures.
  • Through participation in spiritual practices and activities students will learn new concepts to help them develop or deepen their own spirituality.
  • Through participation in guided outdoor activities, students will gain the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • Participants in NAC programming will be able to identify benefits they have gained in the following areas: academic, social, spiritual, and cultural.
  • Participants will access campus resources to achieve academic success.
  • Students will identify academic policies that play a substantive role in personal decision-making.
  • Participants will identify and apply strategies to overcome learning challenges.
  • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills to advocate for themselves in order to effectively navigate the academic process.
  • Participants will demonstrate effective academic skills such as study techniques and time management, as well as professional skills such as written communication and public speaking.

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