The faculty and staff of the School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences view ourselves as a diverse group of natural, physical, social and behavioral science disciplines that are characterized, either primarily or secondarily, by the study of interactions between human and natural or physical systems. Our scholarly interests are correspondingly diverse and include quantitative, qualitative and ethnographic methodologies. Multi-disciplinarity is a hallmark of our culture that manifests itself in partially overlapping and supporting interests between disciplines within our School and with disciplines in other units on our campus. We value the ethnic and cultural diversity of our student population, and pride ourselves in our innovative pedagogies that ultimately teach critical thinking and analysis to a constituency with a broad range of backgrounds. The hands-on, real world education that we provide in the form of laboratories, field experiences, internships, and meaningful, professional research and scholarship opportunities is an excellent segue into graduate and professional programs that many  of our students desire. Our location in the Four Corners area provides an ideal outdoor classroom for many of our educational, scholarship and personal interests, and we take advantage of that as often as is appropriate.

Approved: November 3, 2009