2012 NBS Undergraduate Research Symposium Schedule

12:20-6:15 pm     Oral Presentations (Ballroom, Student Union)

12:20-1:20    Keynote speaker: Dr. Gary Gianniny, Geology Department, Fort Lewis College

The Pulse of the Earth, The Heart Beat of the Heavens; Climate Change in Geologic and Human Time 


1:30                Rotem Moshe Ishay, Exercise Science

1:45                Mary Rose Paiz, Mathematics

2:00                Trevor Downing, Geosciences

2:15                Bryanna Durkee, Anthropology

2:30                Michael Remke, Biology

2:45                Corey Ellis, Environmental Studies

3:00                Kyla Norcross, Psychology

3:15                Spencer Heins, Chemistry

3:30                KellyAnne Holland, Exercise Science

3:45                Break               

4:00                Teraissa McGovern, Anthropology

4:15                Sarah Terrill, Mathematics

4:30                Jake Miller, Engineering

4:45                Chris Taylor, Psychology

5:00                Asa Carre-Burritt, Chemistry

5:15                Shannon Boesch, Geosciences

5:30                Phillida Charley, Biology

5:45                Matthew Kottenstette, Environmental Studies

6:00                Nick Laitsch, Engineering

5:15-7:15 pm       Poster session and Appetizers (Ballroom, Student Union)