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New Faculty Award: Dr. Justin McBrayer

In Dr. Justin McBrayer’s mind, professors should not profess. They should question. By that he means professors should be active participants in learning by guiding discussion and debate around a topic. Students and professors should learn together.

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New Faculty Award: Dr. Erik Juergensmeyer

Ask Dr. Erik Juergensmeyer what he finds most rewarding about teaching at Fort Lewis College and he sums his answer up in one word: “everything.” Dig into just what makes teaching so rewarding for him and he explains how he has seen what he teaches change the way his students look at the world and how they communicate with others. A big part of his teaching philosophy involves training his students in the art of rhetoric.

Alice Admire Outstanding Teaching Award: Dr. Jennifer Stollman

One of the best tests of a great teacher is to ask what they find most rewarding about their jobs. The answers may vary, but they will invariably shift the focus from the teacher to the student. The best educators revel in the successes of their students, as is the case with Assistant Professor of History Dr. Jennifer Stollman.

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Roger Peters Distinguished Professor Award: Dr. Ron Estler

Fort Lewis College Professor of Chemistry Dr. Ron Estler’s impact at Fort Lewis and, more importantly, on his students is profound. His close relationships with his graduates provide evidence of his impact on them. He continues to stay in contact with many of them long after they’ve left FLC. His ability to change the lives of those he teaches was recognized with one of the highest honors an educator can receive: the 2009 CASE Colorado Professor of the Year award.

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Achievement Award: Dr. Shere Byrd

To try and celebrate all of the achievements that Dr. Shere Byrd has accomplished in her time at Fort Lewis College would be a big task. Two of the most noticeable achievements that she’s been a part of recently are the construction of the new biology wing of Berndt Hall and the outfitting of the new labs with state-of-the-art equipment. These two accomplishments have helped lead the Biology program to new heights and helped one of the most popular majors at FLC continue to grow.

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