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Incoming freshmen go out and get wild

Before heading to class for the Fall semester, several dozen freshmen students will explore and camp in the San Juan Mountains -- the ragged range of peaks visible to the north from campus. While they're out there, they'll also be get to know some of their new classmates and learn about the FLC culture.

Given the friendly and adventurous -- both athletically and intellectually -- culture here, a wilderness trip is the perfect way to get a first taste of life at Fort Lewis College. In the Peak Experiences program, new freshmen in groups of 10 challenge and enjoy themselves while on four day-backpacking trip before Freshman Orientation in August.

Student launches campaign to bust bottles on campus

Environmental Studies senior Lisa Mullins shows off a reusable metal water bottle. If Lisa Mullins' vision comes true, you soon won't see bottled water on the Fort Lewis campus. And if Lisa Mullins' vision comes true, it will b ...