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Taurus: A wide field shot around the southern part of the constellation Taurus. The bright star Aldebaran in the "V" of the Hyades is to the left in the picture. M45, the Pleiades, are to the right.

Date: February 2010
Equipment: Canon 50D
ISO 1600.
10-22mm zoom lens at 50mm and f5.6
Meade LXD-55 mount (unguided)
Exposure: 24x30 seconds light
24x30 seconds dark

Processing Notes: Dark subtraction, alignment, and stacking in Deep Sky Stacker. Post-processed in Photoshop. (mostly increased color saturation and stretching with curves)

Additional Comments: The almost full moon was out for this shot, which limited the exposure times to 30 second subframes. A typical dark night should allow 4 minutes.

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