Orion Central Region

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Orion Central Region: A view of the central region of the constellation Orion. The three belt stars, Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka, are near the top of the image. Near the bottom is the very prominent Orion nebula, M42, and the adjacent M43, de Miran's nebula. NGC 1977, the Running Man is just above. Near Alnitak, the leftmost belt star, can be seen (faintly) the reddish Horsehead nebula (IC 434), and the yellow-orange flame nebula (NGC 2024).

Date: February 2010
Equipment: Canon 50D
18-200mm zoom lens at 110mm and f5.6
Meade LXD-55 mount (unguided)

Exposure: 6x4 minutes light
10x4 minutes dark

Processing Notes: Dark subtraction, alignment, and stacking in Deep Sky Stacker. Post-processed in Photoshop. (mostly increased color saturation and stretching with curves)

Additional Comments: The camera battery gave out, so only 6 subframe images were taken.

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