Two Dippers

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Two Dippers: Ursa Major (left) and Ursa Minor (right). The star Polaris is on the right side of the image, in the center vertically. I have identified several bright galaxies (e.g. M81, M82) by location. Generally they are unresolved. I assume there are many other unresolved galaxies that could be identified with a star chart.

Date: February 2010
Equipment: Canon 50D
ISO 1600
18-200mm zoom lens at 24mm and f5.6
Meade LXD-55 mount (unguided)
Exposure: 6x4 minutes light
10x4 minutes dark

Processing Notes: Dark subtraction, alignment, and stacking in Deep Sky Stacker. Post-processed in Photoshop. (mostly increased color saturation and stretching with curves)

Additional Comments: One of these days I would like to label the galaxies I identified.

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