M31 - Andromeda Galaxy (SLR)

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M31 - Andromeda Galaxy (SLR): The Great Galaxy in Andromeda it the most distant object generally visible with the naked eye. Also visible in the image are M32, the close companion, and M110, slightly farther away.

Messier: 31
NGC: 224
Right Ascension: 0hr 42m
Declination: 41° 16'
Apparent Magnitude: 3.44

Date: October 2011
Equipment: Telescope: Orion ED80T CF 80mm apo refractor (no field flattener)
Camera: unmodified Canon 50D
Exposure: single 2 minute jpeg exposure
Processing Notes: Data acquisition with Canon 50D. Processing in Photoshop. Stars were elongated in the original image, since it was unguided.

Additional Comments: This is the first light image through this telescope on the Losmandy G-11 mount. One of the drive motors was damaged, so guiding was unavailable.

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