Venus Transit

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Venus Transit: Transit of Venus, as seen through a neutral density filter. Several sunspots are also visible. Because of the orientation of the equipment, Venus entered the Sun from the right of this view.

Apparent Magnitude: -26.7

Date: June 2012
Telescope: 5.9" Celestron Omni f5 Newtonian reflector
Mount: manual-tracking EQ mount.
Camera: unmodified Sony Alpha A100 10.2mpx
Filter: Baader Astrozap #5 full-aperature filter
Exposure: ISO 100 and 1/1600sec

Processing Notes: Image was stretched using Curves in Photoshop to bring out surface detail. Color was re-balanced to "look" more natural.

Additional Comments: This telescope was one of several set up at the Durango Discovery Museum, which was having a "star" party. Image by Bill Fellman, processing by Charles Hakes.

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