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Improved Pasture


FLC pature test areaResults from a 5 year study where beef grazed Russian Wildrye, Intermediate Wheatgrass and these two species plus alfalfa show that beef produced per acre is determined not only for forage yield, but also by quality of forage.
The addition of alfalfa to pastures increased beef produced per acre 53% and 37% for Intermediate Wheatgrass and Russian Wildrye mixtures, respectively.
Grazing studies on native range have shown the approximate amount of beef produced per acre for four different management alternatives: continuing grazing, 20 lbs.; rotational grazing, 30 lbs.; control oak brush and rotational grazing, 50 lbs, remove oak brush and reseed with grass legume mixture, 150 lbs.
Photo courtesy of SJBRC archives -1971