The Old Fort - Weather Stations

National Weather Service and West Texas Mesonet Stations


National Weather Service
The "Old Fort" has been a National Weather Service weather station since 1915.  It's official name is Fort Lewis 53016. Temperature recorded daily includes minimum and maximum temperature, precipitation (rain and or snowfall) and current snow depth.
The Colorado Climate Center was established by the state in 1974, through the Colorado State University Agricultural Experiment Station, to provide information and expertise on Colorado's complex climate.
For historical precipitation and temperature data, visit the Colorado Climate Center web site.  A direct link to historic data is    
In 2016, West Texas A&M was established a weather station on the upper bench near the hayfields.  It records real time data for:

Average one-minute 10-meter AGL wind speed and direction

Peak 3-second 10-meter wind gust

Average one-minute 9-meter temperature

Average one-minute 20 ft wind speed

Average one-minute 2-meter solar radiation (incoming)

Average one-minute 2-meter wind speed

Average one-minute 2-meter temperature

Average one-minute 1.5-meter temperature

Average one-minute 1.5-meter Relative Humidity and Dewpoint

Average one-minute station pressure and altimeter

Average 15-minute leaf wetness

Rainfall/Melted ice & snow:  one-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and station history


Latest conditions are available at:  Select Fort Lewis CO to view today's data and the musical note to view graphs of the last 24 hours.