The Old Fort

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High School Graduates



Robert Mcculloch Orin Reeder


Reuben Fredlund Clay McCulloch
Ray Michael
Bertha Pollock Ethel Pollock
Raymond Roubidoux Platt Hammond
Leonard Fielding


C.H. Baker Alice Hunt
Albert Lundquist Laughlin McNamee
T.J. Snyder Paul Snyder
Frank Sullivan Willie Turner
Edward Willis
Esther Anderson Arlene Skelton
Arthur Eastman Elwin Parker
Glenn Snyder
1919 - September
Bessie Burnham Catherine Dennison
Erma Caviness Evelyn Hight
Roberta Hunt Lena Wiser
Ruth Walker
Earl Brown Thelma Burnham
Harry Greer Lucile Kennedy
Clarence Snyder Gladys Taylor
Ella Scott Irene Sponsel


Lena L. Bryant Clyde R. Huffsmith
Sonora A. Lewis
Jessie F. Bell Jewel F. Chastain
Marguerite M. Dennison Karl W. Devenport
Jean R. Edgar Johnwill Faris
Mary Hight Dillon A. Longenbaugh
Harry L. Longenbaugh Victor A. Paulek
Lewis D. Pollock Freed E. Reddert
Joseph H. Snyder Archie B. Toner
Lottie E. Walker
Harold B. Chapson Leo D. Godfrey
Harry O. Hard Lelia F. Horner
Raymond A. Smith Edgar G. Stocks
Clifford Barber Mason L. Farrow
Marion D. Linn Charles T. Porter
Paul F. Shock Francis V. Wilcox
Sylvia Spickelmier Rose Ladd
Nate Neilson Celia Luchini
Joe Travis David Madsen
George Tiedeman James Black
Verna Burnhum Wayne Ellsworth
Mabel Farrow Archie Garwood
Amelia Luchini Lillie May Tonner
Lillian Tracy Esther Wilcox
Isabell A. Briggs Helen B. Christy
Joe Christy Mary Agnes Dennison
Barbara Olbert Albert Porter
Will Porter Anita Marie Schifferer
Rolland Spickelmier Will Huffsmith

Herbert E. Billings Margaret Black
John Brownell Nina M. Campbell
Leila Madge Dalton Darrell L. Farrow
Lucile Marie Farrow Esther V. Horner
Lillian Mary Klusman Katherine A. Lincoln
B. Roy Lonne Marietta McDaniels
William Francis Mote Lawrence T. Organ
Pauline M. Rust Richard Wilcox

From 1927-1933, Fort Lewis was both a high school and a 2-year college. Records of high school graduates were no longer printed in the bulletins after 1927. Some date has been provided by graduates.

 List compiled from Colorado Agricultural College Bulletins- Catalogues for Fort Lewis School of Agriculture Mechanic and Household Arts. Courtesy of Fort Lewis College Center of Southwest Studies.