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2016 Farm Stand and CSA Membership

Veggies from the farm stand   Peppers from the farm stand

The Farm Stand will be on Campus near the Student Union building on Wednesday afternoons between 1 and 4 pm beginning in late June and will continue until late October (depends on the freeze).  During the off season, we come to campus once or twice a month to provide access to grass fed beef, local pork, value added items and fresh greens from our high tunnels.

Also available in 2016 is the opportunity to sign up for a bag of fresh produce each week from June to October or just during the high season.  See the 2016 CSA Brochure for more information. Signup online at


History of Farm Stand

selling produce below clock tower In summer of 2009, FLC students were working at the Old Fort on an Organic Weed Management grant with Beth LaShell.  The grant studied different weed management techniques for market garden production.  As a result, we were producing more produce than the students and staff could consume.  After checking with the administration and Sodexo, we held our first farm stand in July of 2009.  That first summer we had bi-weekly farm stand offering primarily produce.  Monies generated from the sales were used to fund additional sustainable food production activities at Old Fort.  Students learned about customer service, sales tax and post-harvest processing for retail.

In the Winter of 2010, the Farm Stand offered winter greens from a hoophouse study that was being conducted at the Old Fort.   Beginning in the Summer of 2010, the Farm Stand was a weekly event (Thursdays) from late June until mid October on campus.  With the help of Linda Illsley, students began producing value-added products (ie: soups, salsas, tamales, lard, pesto) made from excess produce in her restaurant.  This project incorporated students from Marcy Jung's Human Nutrition course to assist with the production of value added products.  Pork products were added in 2010 utilizing the swine project that had been at the Old Fort since 1988.  Faculty, staff and students could now buy local pork by the package at the Farm Stand.  In order to sell meat products, the pigs are processed at Sunnyside Meats under USDA inspection.  With the support of the Wellness Committee on campus, we began offering Farm Stand Bucks as incentives for their participants.

Beginning in the Winter of 2011, the Farm Stand added beef products.  The beef is born and raised at the Old Fort using organic practices.  The addition was very popular and we sold an entire beef (by the package) in three weeks.  In the summer of 2011, the 1/2 acre market garden, two small hoop houses (16' x 32' each) and a new hoophouse (30' x 80') were in production.  In addition to the bi-weekly winter stands offering meat products and greens, the weekly summer farm stand ran from June 30th until November 3rd.  In the Fall, the Human Nutrition class assisted with harvesting, sales and value added production for the Farm Stand.  

Since the Spring of 2012, winter farm stands begin in February offering winter greens and herbs.  Followed by summer stands beginning in late June, the Farm Stand is now on Wednesdays from 1 - 4 pm at the West doors of the Student Union Building.  

students in old fort farm stand program

Read more about the Farmstand in the News.


  • Pork and Grass-fed Beef raised at Old Fort using organic practices.  All meats are USDA processed at Sunnyside Meats for retail sale.
  • Value Added products (relish, breads, pesto, lard) made from Old Fort Products.  All products are prepared in a commercial kitchen according to food safety regulations.
  • Spring Greens and herbs in late February (lettuce, spinach and cilantro) grown in hoophouses at Old Fort.  A wide assortment of vegetables and herbs offered weekly beginning in July through November.
  • Winter Farm Stands are offered monthly from December through April.