New Student Orientation - Honors Program

Honors Program

The John F. Reed Honors Program is an academic enrichment and interdisciplinary program available to a select group of students who wish to expand their liberal arts education by being challenged, and challenging themselves, within a curriculum that promotes and encourages graduate-level thinking, preparation, commitment, and experiences.

The Honors Program is committed to these principles as well as to providing students with exposure to alternative learning possibilities, methodologies, disciplines, and philosophies. While the program also benefits the broader Fort Lewis College community at large, it exists primarily as a means of enhancing learning and service opportunities for those highly motivated students who desire and choose to participate in a curriculum that provides directed but also self-directed opportunities for an additional challenge to their academic career. Select faculty develop academically challenging seminar-style courses that emphasize the interdisciplinary nature and rhetoric of inquiry in their quest for the above principles. The program has an active admissions process. Students are not admitted right out of high school based on grade-point average or college entrance exam scores. Students must complete an honors course first, and then apply to the program; we want students to want to be in the program.

Students admitted to the John F. Reed Honors Program are enrolled in a minor in honors entitled Rhetoric of Inquiry. The intent of the honors program is to teach students this process of argument: ‘talking the talk’ but also ‘walking the walk’. These processes need to be examined within their own discipline, but also outside their own discipline, examining the interconnected and collaborative natures of all disciplines. At the end of the student’s journey, they write an honor’s thesis on a topic of their choice which they then present in a public forum.

For more information, please go to the John F. Reed Honors Program web site