New Student Orientation

Packing List

Unless otherwise noted, all of the below items are minimum REQUIRED to keep you and your group safe and comfortable in the mountains. Summer weather in the San Juan Mountains is very unpredictable. Peak groups have experienced warm sunny weather, freezing rain, and even snow. Given that it is monsoon season, it is very likely you will get rained on. If you are not accustomed to this weather or know you get cold, please bring extra warm layers.   

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"*" denotes items available for free from Outdoor Pursuits if needed



Personal Clothing/Equipment List

-Pair fleece or wool pants (No Cotton ie. jeans or sweat pants)

1- Fleece top or mid-weight wool sweater

1- Light or medium weight long underwear  top and bottom

1- Warm jacket  heavy fleece, down, or synthetic fill

1- Warm hat (not cotton)

1- Hat with brim (baseball cap is fine)

1- *Waterproof shell  (upper) NO ponchos or wind shells.

1- *Pair waterproof pants

1- Pair of wool or fleece gloves or mittens

3- Pairs heavyweight wool or synthtic socks

1- Pair thin liner socks (cheap dress socks work great)

1- Pair sturdy hiking boots or trail shoes (NO tennis shoes or Five Fingers). NOTE: To prevent blisters, these must be broken in prior to the trip by wearing them for several full-day hikes.

1- Pair closed-toe camp shoes (athetic/running shoes work great. NO sandals or crocs)

2- T-shirts (at least 1 synthetic, non-cotton)

1- Pair of shorts, quick drying

3- Pairs underwear

2- Stuff sacks for organizing clothing

1- Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries

1- Pair sunglasses

1- Small sunscreen

1- Lip balm with sunscreen

1- Small toilet kit

-Toothbrush and toothpaste

-Extra contacts if needed

-Women, bring tampons

-Do not bring makeup, deodorant, perfume, etc. (They are heavy and attract animals/bugs)

2- Water bottles (enough to carry 1/2 gallon. If you bring a bladder system, also bring 1 bottle in case of breakage)

1- Personal eating kit (spoon, cup, and bowl or plate)

Optional Personal Equipment

Camera, journal, insulated mug, pen/pencil, compass, small pocket knife (<4” blade), natural history books, bandana, extra layers.


Equipment that we will provide (Feel free to bring your own if you wish)

*90 Liter backpack*  (min. 70L capacity if bringing your own, as you will have to fit group gear/food too)


*Sleeping system  (sleeping bag and pad)* 15-20 degree bag will work great for most people. We have 20 degree and 0 degree bags.

- *All group gear (stoves, pots, water treatment systems, etc.)    

Affordable Options: There are many affordable alternatives to going out and buying all this gear at an outdoor store if you don’t have it already. Check out this VIDEO for more information.


packing camping gear into van