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Please select whether or not you are interested in being interviewed by the Fort Lewis College Marketing Department regarding your experiences at FLC and with Outdoor Pursuits.

As part of your registration fee, you are able to borrow certain personal equipment from Outdoor Pursuits for no additional charge. In order to meet the demand for all students, it is helpful (although not required) if you select the equipment below that you anticipate needing to borrow. Please see the packing list for all required equipment prior to proceeding.

Financial Assistance
There is financial assistance available if the $300 registration fee is a barrier to participating. If you select YES, I WANT TO APPLY FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE below, you will be asked additional questions and will owe no money today. Shortly after June 15, you will be notified if you qualify for full, partial, or no assistance, at which point you will owe the remaining amount (if full assistance is not granted). We make decisions based upon the questions, in addition to Pell Grant eligibility.

Feb 16 2019 6:00AM