Outdoor Pursuits - Celebration of Adventure


Wednesday, April 3rd @ 6PM

In honor of the strong history of adventure at Fort Lewis College this April 3rd, we will be celebrating the adventure achievements of Fort Lewis Students with an evening of film and photo. Adventure Photographer Steve "Doom" Fassbinder will be speaking about his long and storied past in the photography world. Prizes will be awarded for the best of all photo and film entries. The Seek Your Adventure Grant will also be awarded to the best application. 

About Speaker Steve " Doom" Fassbinder: The Master of Multi-Sport Adventure


For his 14th birthday, Steve “Doom” Fassbinder wanted a backpack, tent and sleeping bag so he could get out in the woods on his own. Armed with a setup from Walmart, he was stoked. “But it didn't take long to figure out that these items were not cut out for long distances or hard use,” he says. Since then he’s honed his system, finding a direct link between pack weight and distance traveled. And he’s embarked on some serious multi-sport adventures equipped with the lightest, most technologically advanced bikes, packrafts, climbing gear and backpacking equipment. “I'm passionate about creative, human powered, low impact travel,” Fassbinder says. “And I want to be proficient at any given sport that I'm participating in. That only comes experientially for me. I can't learn from a book, so I'm motivated to get out there to get better.”

Some of Steve's accomplishments are as follows: 

  • 2007—Premiered Mallethead at the 2007 Telluride Mountain Film festival.
  • 2011 - Completed a 10 day bike packraft traverse of Alaskas lost coast from Yakutat to Gustavis 
  • 2013—Orizaba Bike and packrafting traverse featured in first edition of Sidetracked. 
  • 2014—Mega -bike climbing/packrafting first ascent mission with photographer Andrew Burr, the late great alpinist Kyle Dempster, Jon Bailey and Adam Zurn.
  • 2015—Self supported packraft trip through the Grand Canyon from Lees to Diamond in the winter & Fat bike packrafting traverse of Eastern Brooks Range
  • Adventure Dispatch film with Specialized Bikes shows at Telluride Mountain Film and goes on tour to 100+ cities around the world. He spoke at three Mountain Film events associated with the film. 

Contest Rules


Submissions will be accepted March 11th – 22nd (Images submitted before or after the posted dates will not be accepted). No more than four submissions per participant.

Photo Contest 

The categories are as follows:


  • Landscape: Photographs of large-scale scenes of nature as one might see while participating in human/natural powered outdoor recreational activities. No man-made structures.
  • Action Adventure Lifestyle: Photographs of people participating in human/natural powered outdoor recreational activities.
  • Story Series: Submissions will include 3-10 photos that tell a visual story. Examples include:
    • A Portrait series of CDT through hikers
    • Images depicting a backcountry trip,
    • Series of images of expertly prepared backcountry meals

Photography Awards—Each category will be awarded $150 (1st); $50 (2nd); and $25 (3rd)

For photo submissions, follow these easy steps below.

  1. Attach your photos to an email and send to cfetters@fortlewis.edu
  2. For the story series, zip your photos in a folder and send to the above email.      

 Film Contest


Submissions will be accepted March 11th – 22nd (Images submitted before or after the posted dates will not be accepted). No more than four submissions per participant.

Judging Criteria

The Outdoor Media Contest aims to highlight human or naturally powered outdoor recreation. The photographs are judged by presentation and appropriateness of category, as well as by technical skill with the camera and visual framing of the subject. Leave No Trace principles will also be considered. The contest organizers reserve the right to refuse entries that do not meet these criteria. All photographs must be entered in a specific category

For video submissions, follow these easy steps below.

  1. Create a YouTube account (if you don’t already have one).
  2. Upload your video
  3. Send the URL to cfetters@fortlewis.edu. Then you’re done!

Film Awards:  Submit any outdoor oriented video project for a chance to win $200 (1st), $75 (2nd), $50 (3rd). Films will be judged on cinematography and story.

Seek Your Adventure Grant Photo

Have big adventure dreams? OP is pleased to announce funding for Fort Lewis students who dream big and seek to get outside. We will be awarding $500 that can be used towards travel, gear or adventure expenses. The awarded individual(s) will be expected to generate storytelling media of some form and present their trip back to the student population during the annual Celebration of Adventure. For more information and to apply.

A History of The Celebration of Adventure

The very first Celebration of Adventure took place in the Fall of  2018. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members honored and visited with Outdoor Pursuits co-founder and Professor Emeritus of Exercise Science Dolph Kuss as part of Outdoor Pursuits’ 40th anniversary.

About Dolph Kuss

When Dolph Kuss first arrived in Durango in 1953, he says he was "one of the few people other than cattle people who'd ever go into what is now the Weminuche Wilderness Area. I'd come back and people would ask me, 'What did it look like up there?'" Kuss says. Thanks to Kuss and a band of followers, students at Fort Lewis College today don’t have to ask those kinds of questions. Join us for a look at the life and legacy of Dolph Kuss as FLC's Outdoor Pursuits celebrates it's 40th year of powering adventure!