2010 Highlights
demonstration site in Norwood CO We set up a demonstration site in Norwood, CO at the Norwood Community Garden plot on June 3, 2010. After tilling up the plot, they encountered a huge canadian thistle problem.
4 types of weed barrier in demonstration plot

We laid down four different types of barriers for their demonstration (EcoCover, EcoOne, Black Plastic and Red Plastic) in one section of their garden.

Demonstration site in Norwood, CO

demonstration plots in Shiprock-NM On June 7th, we set up demonstration plots in Shiprock, NM at one of the Model Farmer's gardens.She raises chilis, squash and tomatoes and uses flood irrigation so it made installation more difficult.
2 different watering techniques We tried a couple of different techniques to make watering easier. To help with the heat, we used the white on black plastic and the red plastic. We also installed EcoCover and the Embossed biodegradeable black plastic. By the time we were finished, it was over 95 degrees!!

Demonstration Site in Shiprock, NM