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Basic Principles of Organic Weed Management


How to Go - Weed Management - Continually updated resources

Organic Weed Management Video Clips

Principles of Sustainable Weed Management for Croplands

Organic Production — Weed Management on Organic Farms- Southern SARE and North Carolina State Extension

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Weed Management in Organic Cropping Systems - Penn State Fact Sheet

Cultural Control Practices

Scientists Pursue New Sustainable Alternatives for Weed Control in Organic Production Systems - Weed Science Society of America

Weed Management in Organic Systems   (great video clips) - eOrganic Article continually updated

Organic Weed Control Tool Box - eOrganic Resource

Weed Management for Organic Crops by University of CA

Twelve Steps Toward Ecological Weed Management in Organic Vegetables

Notes for Sustainable Weed Management for Vegetable and Row Crops, a presentation by Mark Schonbeck at the 17th Annual Southern SAWG Conference in Louisville, KY, January 16-19, 2008

Organic Weed Management -  North Carolina State University

Organic Weed Management - A Practical Guide  by Charles Merfield ( 2003)

 Organic Weed Management - NE SARE and West Virginia University

Peaceful Valley Organic Weed Management - YouTube Video on mulching and corn gluten meal